An Easy Way to Keep Your Games Running Smoothly

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a fun game on your computer when it starts to run slow or freeze. Games are meant to be played on a smooth computer but, if your PC is struggling to do that, it becomes incredibly annoying. Luckily, there’s actually an easy way to stop most games from running slow. It’s all to do with a part of your computer that hardly anyone knows about.The problem with games is that they are constantly using so much processing power, that if your PC has any sort of underlying problem, it’s going to make your games run slower anad slower. Although there are a few big reasons why games will run slow, the main cause is all to do with a part of your PC called the ‘registry’. This is the central database for Windows, which stores all the settings and options for your computer. For your online games, the registry stores the likes of your key settings and graphics options, amongst a ton of other stuff.

Because the registry holds so much important information, your computer is constantly using 100’s of registry files each time you load a game. These files tell it everything from which level you are on to your screen name online, meaning that in order for the game to run smoothly, your computer *needs* to be able to read these files when it needs them.The problem is that since the registry is being used so much, windows actually gets confused and ends up saving many of the files in totally the wrong way, making them corrupt and damaged. When this happens, the contents of the files are mixed up completely, like books with their chapters in the wrong order. This makes the files incredibly difficult to read, slowing your computer down and causing errors. With 1,000’s of these damaged registry files on your typical computer, it’s one of the biggest reasons why games & computers run slow… but is luckily one of the easiest problems to fix.

This is also why consoles don’t actually run slower. Because computers use the registry for all different things, the files inside it are constantly being corrupted, but with the likes of your XBox or PS3, the registry just holds game data and is hardly ever corrupted.To fix the damaged registry files in your system, speeding up your games dramatically, you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’. These are software programs designed specifically to scan through every registry file and then fix all the corrupt or damaged ones that are in your system. This allows your computer to read all the files it needs, when ever you load up any game, making it a lot smoother and faster.